He says, “Be still, and know that I am God. I will be honored among the nations. I will be honored in the earth.” Psalm 46:10 NIRV

God is always with us. Even in the frailties of life, He holds us together by the power of His will and readies us to remember there will never be a day without His offering of love.

In the midst of trials and tribulations, sometimes we forget to prayerfully seek the One who knows how to handle our days. We forget to be patient in His presence. We need to be reminded how it feels to welcome what He wants to provide.

God patiently waits for us to seek Him with a humble heart and accept His offering of peace. He helps us learn to be still, so we will recognize why we need the Savior. Jesus helps us feel the depth of His love. And when we have been humbled by our need to know, He demonstrates why He loves us. He silences distractions in the world, so we will feel the guiding of the Father and experience His presence in our lives.

Something happens when we pray for PEACE! God provides the way for us to find it. He helps us examine our hearts and surrender the selfish side of want. He changes lives and shows what we need to find strength. He helps us recognize there will never be a day without Him.

God will place joy in our hearts. He will prepare us to receive the power of His greatness and reward us with the calming of His grace. We MUST be still, humble our hearts, surrender to Him and BELIEVE He will ALWAYS take care of those He loves.

“Do not be afraid of silence in your prayer time. It might be that you are meant to listen, not to speak.” God will find the way to help us recognize His voice of truth. But we must be patient and quiet, so we will understand when He has spoken.

God, Thank you for Your presence in our lives. Forgive us when we allow distractions to lead us far away from You. Humble our hearts so we will be still and ready to receive Your Son. We will wait to be led by the power of Your will. And we will be grateful when we learn how it feels to totally trust. Amen


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