Joy For A Weary Heart of Wonder

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During Holy Week, raging storms rolled through the area. On Good Friday, tornadoes ripped holes in the hearts of many here in the Midwest. Families woke to find broken pieces of their lives, shattered from the severe weather.

It’s hard to understand the power of tornadoes. In night time despair, darkness hides what we cannot see. Morning brings opportunity to assess the forces of nature. Daylight moves us to a place of disbelief, as we observe what has been left behind.

News coverage is stunning. We feel shocked and sad to see video clips of the areas hardest hit, and realize the suffering of those who have been displaced. We experience pain, but it’s difficult to understand why some wounds lay deeper than others.

God knows our sufferings. In moments of opportunity to draw close to Him, we often forget He is our refuge in times of trouble.
He whispers, “trust in me”, and fills us with His peace. God cradles us in His loving presence of strength, even when the storms of life rage around us. 

Last week, I listened to a touching song “Blessings”. The lyrics remain in my mind...

        “Cause what if Your blessings come through raindrops
            What if Your healing comes through tears
     What if a thousand sleepless nights
       Are what it takes to know You’re near
             What if trials of this life are Your mercies in disguise”

The Bible says, “ Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” Psalm 30:5 Although it may be difficult to understand how the affects of weather could create a heart of joy, we recognize there was no loss of lives.  God held his children safely in the arms of His will. This makes us feel joyful!

When Jesus died on the cross, darkness filled the sky. The earth trembled, and sadness filled the hearts of those who experienced great loss. In their despair, it must have been difficult for Christ’s followers to remember joy would once again fill their weary hearts of wonder.

We must not be afraid of the darkness which hides what is waiting to be discovered. God carries us through our faith, as we learn to trust in him. He reminds us we are not alone, as we open our eyes to the morning light and view what He has chosen to lay before us. No matter what we are going through, we can find comfort in knowing there is hope in the loving arms of our risen Lord!

God is near and He loves you,

Dear Heavenly Father, Our hearts ache as we consider the needs of those who have been touched by devastation in their lives. Help them to feel strengthened through the prayers of hope which are being lifted in their behalf. Thank you for filling our hearts with faith to understand joy will come in the morning, even in the midst of difficult circumstance of despair. Open our hearts to embrace the celebration of Easter, as we come before your presence and praise You for the gift of our risen Lord. Amen


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