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Steps…We all take them as we walk along in life. They propel us to move where we want to arrive. Steps also describe mental goals we choose to consider, as we navigate thoughts and work toward our goals…

Steps are purposeful opportunities to walk and not run. They allow us to carefully support what we choose to embrace in our lives. Stepping is a process. It is built on a foundation of hope in what is yet to be discovered.

Have you ever heard someone say, "Take it one step at a time" ? Often, we don’t like to hear that phrase. We can’t understand why one step at a time could make a difference. But, life creates situations which must make us slow down.

Sometimes we must take baby steps as we learn to walk in the world. We are not ready to walk alone. We don’t know where to go, and can't see what's ahead. But, there is benefit of moving in God’s time, in His will, and for His purpose. God can remind us He is in control of our lives. He can help us realize why we need to go slowly, and learn to walk on our own, step by step.

God holds us when we need to be held. He lifts us to His arms and lovingly prepares our hearts to understand how to walk with Him.These are moments God strengthens us, and helps us realize the purpose of learning to take the needed steps to see what He will provide.

As you step today, I pray you will remember God wants to walk with you. He does not intend for you to walk alone. There is joy in knowing you will arrive where He leads you, even if you have to once again slow down and learn to take baby steps...

Hold me in your arms Lord, lift me so I will see what I cannot be on my own.
I trust you to raise me high, so I will know what's ahead in this place I call my life.
I cling to you in faith, understanding I am who I am becoming...
Because of you Lord, because of you in my life.  Nan © 2008      


  1. Does this message speak to your heart? I'd like to hear about it...May God bless you as you walk with Him today.

  2. Sometimes it is hard to take a step, even when you know God is with you.

  3. Yes, that's true. It's something many of us struggle with every day. Even when we step, it's hard to not know which direction to go...It's during these times we look to God for guidance and direction. It's in these moments of wonder, we study scripture which speaks to our hearts.

    Read Jeremiah 29:11. It's one of my favorite passages. I read it often to help me remember God is in control, every step of the way.


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