Cleaning Out The Clutter

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Have you ever spent time searching for something? Recently, I looked for a receipt which had been thrown in a messy drawer in my kitchen. The space was cluttered, and I became weary as I sorted through piles of junk. I spent half an hour looking for the receipt, and was unable to find it.

Sometimes  our lives contain too much junk. We burden ourselves with things which clutter our hearts and move us far away from finding what we need. We feel frustrated and confused, as we try to discover what is missing.

God helps us recognize when we are filled full of things we do not need. He lovingly reaches down and shows us how to organize our thoughts. He gives opportunities for us to know where to find what He has prepared for us to discover.

When we call on God, we learn to trust. As we surrender to Him, we make room for His love. He stores His gift of grace, deep in the hearts of those who choose to understand His purpose in their lives.

God can show us how to clean the clutter which has accumulated in our hearts. He can help us remove the junk which has piled high and denied us of opportunity to recognize He is near.

God has placed His receipt of love where we can always find it, but we must know where to look. His loving gift of grace has already been paid in full and He wants to give us peace.

Is your heart too cluttered? Are you feeling lost in piles of unfulfilled purpose in your life? Organize your heart. Clean out the clutter and allow God to help you find what is missing. Ask Him to fill you with everything you need, and faithfully BELIEVE He will always take care of you.

God is near and HE loves YOU,


  1. This writing is so timely! Sometimes I think I am the "king of klutter".....smiles!
    I want God to clear out what is useless to Him and allow me to focus on what can glorify Him.
    God bless you and may God's approving smile shine in your heart today.
    PA G

  2. Hello PAG
    I think there is reward in understanding we carry clutter in our lives. God allows us to recognize it is preventing us from having a full relationship with Him. I'm so grateful He prepares us to receive His love. We feel His presence, especially after we have made room in our hearts. God bless you PAG. I see you have been here before. Thanks for taking time to share what's on your mind. Have a blessed day!


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