The Light of the World

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Those who have not found rest, will try to focus with sleepy eyes of doubt. But, those who have rested in the arms of the Lord, will have already seen what lies ahead, and will faithfully trust what their wide-eyed visions of hope will discover…

I often wake early, and enjoy moments to mentally prepare myself for the day. But, it’s often hard to recognize what lies ahead. When our eyes are not completely opened, it’s difficult to see what God wants us to discover.

When I look out the window, my morning vision becomes clearer. I focus on the sky and notice the shining stars which illuminate the darkness. I consider their perfect placement in the universe, and recognize God has carefully placed them there for a purpose.

It’s amazing what we see when our eyes are opened wide. We have a better view of the beauty which surrounds us. God reminds us of His strength, as we stand in awe of His mighty creation and witness the power of His plan.

From darkness, He gives us glimpses of light. Rays of golden opportunity provide hope in the wonder of His creation.  1 John 1:5 says, “This is the message we have heard from Him and declare to you: God is light; in Him there is no darkness at all. “ NIV

God wants to fill us with His light. He wants to move us from the darkness, and help us understand when we are standing in His presence of peace. We can find joy through the darkness if we open our eyes wide enough and faithfully believe God will carry us through.

Morning stars are beautiful. God has placed them there. If He can place the stars in the sky, surly He can safely place us where we can also learn to shine for Him. 

God is near. He loves YOU,

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for creating light for a world of darkness. You placed the stars in the sky and remind us of your mighty power, as we stand in awe of all you have created. Help us to shine our light for you and discover what we can enjoy if we open our eyes to your will. Amen


  1. When we wake to the darkness, it's hard to remember God is near. But when we take time to seek Him with all of our hearts, He prepares us to remember the sun will rise. And, He opens our eyes to find His glory. Thank you for the message today. He is the light of the world!


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