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It’s rewarding to watch my young students during opportunities for play. I learn a lot as I observe their interactions with one another. Once, I noticed a little girl who wanted to build with blocks. None of the boys wanted to share. Finally, she sadly moved away and sat for a long while. Tears filled her eyes, and she asked again if she could have some blocks. One little boy gave her some from his pile. She smiled and lovingly said, “That made my heart feel happy.”

Children find pleasure in simple things which make them feel joyful. They gratefully express appreciation with simple interactions of truth, and easily recognize when their gestures have been rewarded.

We could learn a lot from the children. We forget about the little things in life which make us feel content. Sometimes we too forget to share. We pile our belongings around us, and assume they will make us happy. Sometimes they don’t.

Shelves in the classroom hold fancy manipulative games and toys which have been purchased for the children to enjoy. But, they much prefer building castles and forts with old wooden blocks, which are carefully chosen each day.

During moments of reflection, we begin to understand happiness is not found in fancy objects which gather dust and demonstrate their temporary purpose. Treasures of the heart provide the greatest joy, especially when they are shared with those around us.

God arms us with everything we need to reach out to others with compassion and love. He gives purpose to the hearts of those who have gratefully accepted what has been received, and He allows us to recognize when we feel joyful.

One little girl waited while her peers enjoyed moments together. Painfully, she sat while they built towers with toys she wanted to share. But, when she had courage to ask again, she was able to enjoy what was placed in front of her.

God places His love in front of us. He sees each tear that falls while we wait to filled with what we need. God shares His love with those who patiently wait to receive a heart of content. He reminds us there will be reward for those who know how to measure the treasures of the heart, and truly recognize they are meant to be shared.

God is near,
He loves YOU


  1. Children have a special way of being "God's voice" to us. I hope everyone has a child in his/her life. I have a little boy who brings me such joy and who makes me smile when I think that life is so hard.
    Thank you, Nan, for reminders that God loves us!
    May God's approving smile shine in your heart today.

  2. Yes, children do have a "special way of being God's voice." Thank you for taking time to post a comment. May God bless you as you walk with Him.


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