Harvesting Hearts of Hope

The children in my classroom have been discussing Christmas, and the many gifts which have already been placed on their Wish Lists at home. It’s difficult to keep them focused on a spirit of thanksgiving, when they have not yet learned to  recognize there are also gifts which come from the heart.      

It‘s sad to consider how we rush through the weeks of autumn without taking time to cultivate a grateful heart of thanks. We move quickly through November and allow ourselves to be pressured by advertisers who try to convince us Thanksgiving is merely a scheduled feast.

Teaching in a church sponsored program allows precious interactions to share God. In the loving classrooms of opportunity, we discuss the first Thanksgiving and teach the children why it’s important to learn to share.

There is a Turkey Box which waits to be filled with food. Each day, children bring items to “feed” the turkey. They are taught to recognize how to provide for those in need.  It’s heartwarming to see their reactions, as they place their special offerings inside and begin to understand there is reward in giving.

We are never too old to become like the little children, who eagerly want to learn how to share God’s love and receive His perfect provisions. But, we must take time to open our hearts to the guiding of God‘s presence in our lives, and want to learn more about His gift of grace. 

There will always be persuasions of the world which will prevent us from taking time to patiently seek God. But we can learn to appreciate each season of purpose, if we choose to stay focused on Him, and seek Him with all of our hearts.

How can we cultivate a spirit of thanksgiving? We can reflect on what we have already been given. Then, we can take time to discover how to share. God will provide a harvest of hope for us to offer those in need. In the process, He will fill our hearts with joy we never could have imagined. And, He will show us how very good it feels to be blessed.

God is near and He loves YOU.♥



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