Peace at the Piano

The Christmas Season is hectic for teachers of young children. There’s a lot to be accomplished in a small amount of time. The children’s excitement grows with anticipation as Christmas Break becomes closer, and classrooms fill with noisy discussions about Santa, toys and reindeer.

The older students participate in the annual Christmas Pageant each year. They portray the birth of Jesus, and have opportunities to learn about the nativity. Weeks before the big performance, we practice every day.

I observe a lot from my seat behind the piano. I hear the angels sing their praises to God, and watch Mary and Joseph shyly learn their lines. I hold my breath as Mary tosses baby Jesus a bit too hard in the manger. I smile as the Wise Men present their gifts, and adjust their crooked crowns. And, I consider how proud the parents will feel when they see their little children perform.

In twenty minutes of practice, God provides a daily dose of peace at the piano. The children are beginning to embrace the nativity, and understand Christmas is more than Santa and toys. They are excited to perform, and can finally sing Mary had a Baby  without falling off the stage.

God gives us peace and joy. He sent himself to our world, so we could learn more about him through His Son, Jesus. God can do great things if we choose to allow Him to lead us. But, we must take time from our busy schedules to be still and seek Him with all of our hearts.

Christmas Peace…How will we find it? We might begin by visiting the manger and taking time to reflect on the nativity. Mary, Joseph, angels, shepherds and Wise Men all played an important part in welcoming the Christ Child to our world. God can show us how to find Christmas peace as we welcome Him into our hearts. He longs for us to discover where His perfect peace can be found.

Loved ones will attend our program, and take time to discover the Christ Child through the eyes of their children. Even if Mary does not remember to “lovingly” lay baby Jesus in the manger, there will still be joy in the hearts of those who will be reminded of the best gift of Christmas.

I pray you take time to embrace the nativity, and reflect on the One who came to bring us peace and joy. May God fill you with His love, in this glorious season of hope…He is near and He loves YOU,



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