The Perfect Gift

Life moves quickly from one moment to the next. As Christmas approaches, we’re not always ready to embrace the arrival of the season which is meant to bring joy and good will toward men. We become overwhelmed, and consumed with holiday routines which don‘t allow the heart to prepare to receive the peace we need.

Advertisers challenge us to provide only the best for our families. They remind us there is little time to prepare for Christmas, and pressure us to purchase gifts which will lose their value of purpose.

Perhaps what we really need are reminders to recognize Christmas brings light to a darkened world of sin and hope to the weary who have forgotten they are not alone. We need reminders to understand how to recognize God’s loving presence in our lives and receive His everlasting gift of love.

God sent His Son to bring peace and hope for the future. The manger still reminds us of the best gift of Christmas. It allows us to take time to remember the Christ Child and understand God’s plan for our lives.  

God longs for us to be filled with His presence of peace. No matter what we’re going through, He reminds us we are not alone.  He lovingly shows us where to find the Savior who can forever change our lives, and prepares us to receive the best gift of His Son.

Take time to reflect on this season of hope. Allow God to fill you with His peace, so you will find content and look forward to the arrival of Christmas. It truly is more than just one day to open a perfect gift. It is the precious opportunity to open our hearts wide, and receive the Perfect Gift which has already been given.

May God bless you with a wonderful season of hope, peace, joy and content. He is near and He loves YOU, 


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