Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for Him to act. Psalm 37:7

Sometimes, we become impatient as we wait on the Lord. We forget how it feels to be cradled in the calm of His holiness. Days become hectic with busy routines and we neglect to seek Him with all of our hearts. We forget God silences the distractions of the world, so we can be prepared for what’s to come. 

Christ longs to demonstrate the love of His faithfulness and ready us to welcome perfect peace. He tenderly leads us to the Father, when we have opened our hearts wide enough to receive what He longs to provide. 

There are important lessons to learn while we wait on God. In moments to be humbled, He teaches how to persevere. He guides us from the selfish side of want and demonstrates how to be led by His love. He nurtures the heart of our faithfulness and reminds us why we must learn how it feels to trust.

God will act in our behalf, but we must be patient and wait on Him. He will guide and provide all the days of our lives. And, if we are willing to be still, He will make His presence known. He will bless us with strength to perverse, if we will allow Him to dwell where He belongs.

Dear God, Fill us with Your perfect peace, as we seek You with a humble heart of praise. Silence the distractions of the world, so we will feel Your loving presence and learn to love You more... We will gratefully wait to be cradled in the calm of Your holiness and find HOPE to persevere, as we learn to patiently wait on You. Amen


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