God is the incredible spirit of strength that lives within us. He is the mighty force who offers gifts of purpose and motivates us to move ahead. God demonstrates how to find joy in what He provides and lovingly shows us how to serve Him with a grateful heart.

Our Father knows our needs. He leads us by His will and reminds us who’s in charge of all things. God supplies the tools we need to learn how to manage our lives. He provides the way to discover His presence of His peace and learn how it feels to totally trust. 

As we welcome another day of opportunity, God will remind us He is working in our lives. He will strengthen the heart of our faithfulness and shows us how to love Him more. God will provide reassurance to welcome what’s to come. And, when He has armed us with the gifts of His greatness, He will show us why we must be patient and never forget, He WILL handle the happenings of our days.  

Dear God, We’re grateful to wake and spend time in the presence of Your peace. As we open our eyes and wait to be guided, help us remember You set the stage for what’s to come. Bless our morning time with You, and prepare us to welcome all You will provide, as we learn to put our trust in You. Teach us to be patient while we grow in Your greatness and learn how it feels to be loved by You. Amen 


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