This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. 1 John 5:14 NIV

God is blessed when we communicate with Him. Our loving Father longs to have a living relationship with His children. He teaches to trust in the power of His love and helps us welcome His perfect peace. He hears our prayers. And, when we humbly express the requests of our hearts, He responds in His time and for His great purpose. 

God grows us. He teaches to be patient. He provides instructions for our lives. He shows us how to persevere and helps us find wisdom in His Word (Bible). Often, He requires us to wait. But, during times of wonder, He fills us with His strength. He reminds us to be faithful. He draws us close and helps us remember He WILL do great things. 

Prayer will allow God to nurture a relationship He desires. He knows our needs! If we acknowledge Him as Lord of our lives, begin our prayers in praise and focus on forgiveness, He WILL respond. He will fill us with the power of His love when we have humbled our hearts.

We must NEVER be afraid to say, “God, I need You. Every hour I need You!” He WILL wait for us to call on Him and He WILL hear us! He WILL remain faithful and answer EVERY prayer in accordance with His will. We must trust in Him and always remember He is a good, good Father!

Dear God, Thank you for moments to be led by Your greatness. Forgive us when we become impatient while we wait on You. We will find strength in the presence of Your peace. We will prayerfully honor You with love, when we have learned what it means to be faithful. Amen


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