Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Do not depend on your own understanding. In all your ways remember him. Then he will make your paths smooth and straight. Proverbs 3:5-6 NIRV

Sometimes, we need to be reminded to TRUST. We try and move ahead and become fearful when obstacles stand in the way. We focus on things we can’t control and allow weary thoughts to rob us of our calm. But, Jesus leads us to the Father. And, in moments to be drawn closer to His love, we discover how it feels to be led. He guides us on a path of purpose and reminds us not to worry about bumps in the road.

God longs to prepare us for what’s to come. He’s already planned our days. He shows us how to feel courageous, when we surrender to Him. He places strength where hope will grow and reminds us why we don't have to handle life on our own. He lifts us from doubt, removes the weights of worry and shows us how to remain faithful. 

He WILL reward the love of our faithfulness. God will fill us with strength for today and help us remember; NOTHING will happen that together we can’t handle. He is God! He's a good, good, Father! We must trust in Him and BELIEVE He really WILL carry us over the mountains. 

Dear God, Thank you for waking us in opportunity to be held by You. Lift us high, so we will see glimpses of what’s to come and recognize Your guiding of our days. Teach us to trust in the power of Your will and help us find strength in the promise of Your everlasting love. We will welcome Your perfect peace and gratefully place our hope in You. Amen


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