“When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.” Psalm 56:3

Fear is a natural response to situations which make us feel anxious. We all fear at some time in our lives. In broken moments of doubt, we forget who handles our days. But, God sees inside the wounds of worry and knows how to lead us to a place of calm. He teaches how to trust in His guiding of our days and finds the way to pour strength in the wounds of all weakness. 

God leads us where we recognize He can do ALL things. He reminds us perfect peace comes from Him. He helps us remember who heals the sores of our souls and teaches how to trust in the love of His faithfulness. 

“Perfect love does not come from fear.” We must not allow anxious thoughts to rob us of content. Fear will fuel fear. But, if we faithfully trust and immerse ourselves in God’s calming presence, He will arm us with peace that passes all understanding. And, we will not have to figure out everything on our own.

We will gratefully become rooted in the HOPE God has promised for our lives, if we trust in His will and remember who is handling EACH and EVERY day. God is faithful. If He leads us to it, He will surely lead us through it...

Dear God, Thank you for Your everlasting love. Help us focus on the power of Your strength, so calm will flow in the heart of our weakness and we will learn how to TRUST. Give us courage to handle the happenings of our days. Help us never forget; we are being cradled in the strength of Your everlasting love. Amen 

Please take a moment to pray for those who are dealing with fear. May God strengthen their hearts and lead them to a place of calm. ♥


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