Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all the earth! Make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise! Psalm 98:4 KJ21

In tender moments of truth, God finds the way to reach us. He orchestrates the rhythm of our days and teaches why we should be grateful. He shows us how to feel the presence of peace and fills us with appreciation, when we begin to recognize the offering of His love.   

Sometimes, we forget to thank our Creator. We forget who plans the moments of our days and allows us to feel the power of strength. We forget to consider how much we are loved, and need to be reminded to be grateful.      

God prepares us for the circumstances in our lives. He teaches how to trust. And, when the timing is right, He places a song in our hearts. He composes a melody of hope and readies us to make a joyful noise. He gives reason to respond to His greatness and shows us how to honor Him with praise.

When God has fine-tuned our lives, He will blend our thankfulness with His beautiful gift of grace. He will allow us to witness the offering of His love. And, He will remind us to praise Him in ALL THINGS, when we have embraced the blessing of a grateful heart, and allowed the harmony of love to glorify Him.

Dear God, Thank you for leading us through moments when we need to be reminded You are the Provider of everything we need. We will trust You with all of our hearts and find reason to make a joyful noise. And, as we gratefully open our eyes to another day of purpose, we will strive to live in sweet, joyful harmony with You. Amen


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