For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases Him. Philippians 2:13 NLT

The nearness of spring welcomes change. Rain falls and God showers the earth. He nurtures what saturates crevasses of the ground and places HOPE in what will come. He grows us, while we patiently wait on Him. 

Jesus leads us to the Father. He provides reminders to trust. He guides and provides for our days and strengthens our weathered doubt. And, when we have been filled with His holiness, He prepares us to keep on growing... 

God cultivates a trusting heart for His great purpose. He has a plan for our days. He places seeds in our lives and provides everything we need to bloom where we’re planted. He allows us to flourish in the goodness of grace and helps us remember to be readied for His greatness. 

God will speak to our hearts when we seek Him. He will guide us in His word (Bible) and demonstrate the power of love. He will soften our hardened hearts and ready us to grow. We must trust in Him and never forget He will ready us to rise, so we will accomplish what is pleasing to Him

Dear God, Thank you for waking us to another day. Forgive us when we forget You have plans for our lives. We will patiently wait, while You ready us to rise and grow in You. And, we will find strength to serve You with all of our hearts. Amen


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