Give praise to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. In his great mercy he has given us a new birth and a living hope. This hope is living because Jesus Christ rose from the dead. 1 Peter 1: 3

The children in my church sponsored preschool enjoyed Easter projects in class. Colorful eggs and stenciled rabbits brought smiles to their faces. But, the beautiful painted crosses were their favorites! They learned why they were significant in our discussion of Jesus and the cross.

I spoke with the children about events which lead to the arrival of Easter. They made crosses with beautiful colors of spring. And, as they painted, I listened to see if they had absorbed the story of the resurrection.

“Where’s Jesus?” asked one little girl who carefully painted a bare cross. “He didn’t stay there.” said another. “He died. They put him behind a rock, and He came out. He’s living, remember?”

Oh, how we need to remember that we serve a living Lord! As we prepare our hearts to welcome Easter, God reminds us how to welcome HOPE. He reaches us in moments to be humbled by the sacrifice of Christ and allows us to remember; because of Jesus we can choose to have eternal life!  

Painted crosses lined the hallway. As parents came to pick up their children, I once again heard discussions about our morning talk. “What did you make at school today?” one mother asked, as she picked up the cross. “I forget what it’s called, but Jesus didn't stay there”, her son said with a smile. “God made Him live again!”

We WILL live again!  When God calls us to rise in no more sorrow and no more pain, we will experience the reward of our faithfulness. God will prepare us for this greatness. And, Jesus will lead us. HE is the way, the truth and the life. There is no other way to the Father. We must trust in His power to save.

We will glorify God by the way we choose to live our lives. And, if we serve the Lord with gladness, JOY will come in the promise of His STRENGTH. The tomb was emptied and our hearts are filled! We must allow the peace of Jesus to hold us. He will hear our tender prayers of praise.     

Dear Heavenly Father, as we move toward the celebration of Easter, humble our hearts and lead us to a prayer of praise, as we reflect on the cross and find HOPE in the promise of eternal life. We will remember the sacrifice of Jesus and humbly offer our thanks to the One who died in our place. And, we will gratefully remember why He did not stay on the cross. Amen


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