The light of his lamp shone on me. I walked through darkness by his light. Job 29:3 NIRV 

God nurtures our hearts and opens our eyes to His will. He prepares us for greatness and arms us with everything we need to be led by Him. He shines the light of His love and shows us where to go, when we have to walk in darkness. 

There will be days we need to take baby steps. We will stumble and fall. But, God will show us how to pick ourselves up and open our eyes to His presence in our lives. He will teach us to TRUST in His power of strength and remind us why we must keep on going…

God has a plan for our days. If we trust in the guiding of His will, He will lead us. He will help us remember who’s in charge of ALL things. He will provide the STRENGTH we need to recognize the depth of His mighty love. 

God will fill us with peace as we journey with Him. He will help us remember we don’t walk alone. He WILL lead us through darkness and show favor by mercy and grace. And, even when we cannot see what’s to come, He will guide and provide for our days. 

Good will welcome the path for us to follow. God will pave the way, if we wait to be led by His greatness. He will open our eyes for glimpses of what’s to come and give us courage to leave the darkness behind. 

Dear God, Thank you for holding us in Your arms of hope. We are blessed to be guided by the strength of Your holiness. We will trust in You every day of our lives and allow the light of Your love to give us courage, when we are afraid of the dark. Amen


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