"But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience" Romans 8:25

Sometimes, we become impatient.  We wonder what will happen next in our lives. We neglect to remember there are lessons to be learned while Christ teaches us how to WAIT...

God reveals His will in the timing of His greatness. He readies us for what’s to come and provides the way for Jesus to sustain. He has a plan for our days. The mighty Creator of heaven and earth has purpose for each and every one of His children. He created us to learn how it feels to be faithful and find HOPE in His handling of our days.

When worry robs us of content, Jesus guides us to the Father as we put our trust in Him. He allows faith to grow, while we’re anchored in His holiness and held where we peace calms the heart of our needs.   

God uses circumstances in our lives to grow us. PATIENCE is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. As we become closer to God, He helps us understand WHY we must be patient. He shows His will, when it’s time to reveal what waits to be discovered. Reward will come, when we gratefully remember it WILL be worth the wait. 

Dear God, Thank you for moments to remember who is working in our lives. Forgive us when we become impatient and forget who is handling our days. Help us remember there are lessons to be learned, as we put our trust in You. Allow the love of our faithfulness to remind us why we must be be patient and wait in the timing of Your perfect love. Amen


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