LORD, you are my God. I will honor you. I will praise your name. You have been perfectly faithful. You have done wonderful things. You had planned them long ago. Isaiah 25:1 NIRV

God demonstrates the love of His faithfulness and leads us to a prayer of praise when we take time to honor Him. He uses circumstances to demonstrate the power of His love and ready us to welcome a heart of thanks in ALL things.

As we face challenge in our lives, Christ reminds us to remain faithful. He teaches how to put our trust in Him and patiently WAIT for the timing of God’s plan. He helps us remember why the Father is unchanging, even in the ups and downs of our days. He prepares us for what will happen next. He shows us how to find peace in the gift of His presence and reminds us why reward will come from our faithfulness.  

Lack of patience will cause us to miss a blessing. But, if we praise God as we wait for what’s to come, He will provide strength to persevere. He will teach us to trust in the power of His will. And, He will reach the heart of those who have been humbled.

God will remind us who’s in charge of our days. He will lead us where we will be reminded. And, He will help us never forget; reward will ALWAYS come from the blessing of a grateful heart. ♥

Dear God, Lead us to a prayer of praise, as we open our eyes and feel Your amazing grace. Teach us to be patient, as we’re prepared to discover Your plan for our days. Fill us with Your presence of peace, so we will persevere and embrace a grateful heart of thanks in every situation of our lives. Amen


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