“Run in such a way that you may obtain the prize. “ 1 Corinthians 9:24 

We would never hear “Ready, set, wait!”, if we were racing and ready to GO. But, often we must WAIT on God, before He moves us ahead. He prepares us to know when it’s time press on and teaches important lessons, while we learn to be patient. 

Christ invites us to run toward His greatness. He gives strength, power and courage to keep on going, even when obstacles stand in the way. He teaches to trust. He shows how far we have come and readies us to obtain the prize. He sets the stage to run a good race and arms us with everything we need to receive God's timely reward. 

Earthly reward will be short lived. But God's prize will motivate us to run the race of our lives. It will bring eternal reward. “Run in such a way that you obtain the prize!”

Dear God, Sometimes it’s hard for us to see what’s ahead. Thank you for offering the prize which is held by You. When obstacles stand in the way, help us trust in the power of Your greatness, so we will be prepared to know when it’s time to run. Amen.


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