“Give us today our daily bread.” Matthew 6:11 NIV

When it’s time to nourish our bodies, we often forget what’s needed to fuel the heart of our souls. We think we’re already full, but hunger for so much more...

God provides the bread of life through Jesus. He knows we need more than food to be fed. Christ helps us recognize what’s missing in our lives. He meets our spiritual needs and restores our souls, as we journey together and recognize the power of His awesome love.

Taking time to feed on God’s WORD prevents us from starving spiritually. It fills us FULL of everything we need to be strengthened by Him. It provides wisdom and guidance for our lives and gives us our daily bread.

If we ask God to sustain us, He will humble our hearts. He will help us recognize who provides EVERYTHING we need. He will lead us to a prayer of praise and show us how it feels to embrace the blessing of a grateful heart.

Dear God, Our hearts are humbled as You fill us with everything we need. Teach us to trust in the power of Your holiness and find strength in what you provide. Open our hearts to receive Your WORD and help us remember; You will always give us EVERYTHING we need. Amen


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