When you hope, be joyful. When you suffer, be patient. When you pray, be faithful. Romans 12:12 NIRV 

It’s hard to comprehend how God will fulfill His will for our days. In moments of wonder, He reminds us we are held together by the power of love and the strength of His mercy and grace. He helps us remember who knows our needs and prepares us to welcome the gift of His Son. 

The Christmas Season can be hard for those who are not feeling joyful. But, God knows how to help us find content. He prepares us to receive the love of our Savior and shows how to welcome the offering of His love. He blesses us, so we will know how it feels to be grateful and He humbles our hearts for His holiness in our lives.

Jesus leads us to the Father and shows how to TRUST. And, when our hearts are ready to discover His plan for our days, He pours STRENGTH in the heart of our weakness. He fills us with PEACE and reminds us we are deserving of His everlasting love. 

Christmas is a season of opportunity to give ourselves to God and find purpose in what He provides. God WILL prepare us for Christmas. He will help us welcome Jesus and remind us why HOPE came to heal, when He was humbly born in the stable. 

Dear God, Thank you for sending Your Son to the world. Help us trust in You, as we prepare to welcome Christmas and allow ourselves to feel Your presence of peace. Fill us with the strength of Your faithfulness and help us remember to love You with ALL of our hearts. Amen


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