“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know." Jeremiah 33:3 NIV

As we pray to God, we make our requests known in the name of Jesus. In moments to find a calming peace; God humbles our hearts, as we commune with Him. He hears our prayers and readies us to listen. He helps us hear the voice of reason. He guides and provides for our days. 

Often, it takes time to recognize God’s voice. But, when we TRUST Him with all of our hearts, He finds the way to reach us. While we are waiting for answers, Jesus nurtures our FAITH. He teaches to trust and find strength in the Father. He quiets our thoughts and fills us with a Spirit of calm. And, when we need to be reminded, He helps us understand God has been speaking all along… 

From the moment we are born, God handles our days. He has a plan for our lives! He wants us to be blessed and successful according to His will. When we humble our hearts and make our requests known, He responds in His time and for His great purpose. The Good Shepherd leads us ALL of our days. If we trust in Him, we will NOT have to handle life on our own. 

Jesus will provide instructions for our days, as we seek the Father and remember that our prayers WILL be heard. He will allow faith to grow while He's working in our lives. But, we must humble our hearts, surrender to the One who saves, allow ourselves to be guided by His WORD (Bible) and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY…

God WILL speak to us. We must be still and faithful to listen.He will allow PEACE that passes all understanding to provide EVERYTHING we need, if we patiently wait on Him. 

Dear God, Thank you for moments to be led by Your faithfulness. Thank you for answering prayers. Help us hear Your voice above all the noise, so we will know when YOU have spoken. Teach us to be patient. Fill us with a Spirit of calm. Help silence the distractions of the world, so we will hear Your voice and faithfully remember; You really DO know what’s best for our lives. Amen


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