"Be still, and know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world." Psalm 46:10 NLT

When the timing is right, God speaks. He finds the finds the way to reach us with the presence of His love. He help us remember He is closer than we think. Sometimes, we look for “larger than life” moments. We wait for HUGE displays of “I know that was You, God” and forget He often chooses subtle ways to remind us He is near.

In moments of truth, God QUIETS the distractions of the world and prepares us to receive Him. He humbles our hearts and readies us to be led by His greatness. And, when He has silenced the weary side of wonder, He helps us remember who manages our days. He offers perfect PEACE and allows it to flourish, when we have humbled our hearts for Him. 

God strengthens us. He opens our eyes to His will. He teaches valuable lessons when we’re ready to be still and feel the tugging of our hearts. He holds us by His greatness. And, when the timing is right, He reveals the power of His everlasting love. He is mighty, powerful and true! God will find the way to reveal the depth of His holiness. But, we MUST take time to be still, so we will appreciate the power of His presence in our lives. 

Dear God, Thank you for quiet moments to feel the love of Your faithfulness. Forgive us when we become distracted and forget to seek You with ALL of our hearts.Teach us to be still, so we will receive what You choose to provide. And, open our hearts so we will gratefully understand why we are lucky to be loved by YOU. Amen


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