Always keep on praying…1 Thessalonians 5: 17 TLB

If we truly believe He is with us, every moment of closeness with Him, will guide us to a beautiful prayer of praise…

There are no limitations of when we’re allowed to pray. God hears our prayers and knows our requests before we ask. Prayer is our expression of fellowship with Him. It brings peace and helps us remain faithful. 

God responds to the prayers of His children. He waits for us to humble our hearts, so we will receive what He provides. As we ready ourselves to come before His presence, we learn how to partner with Him and pray...

Prayer should begin by praising God for who He is…"Dear Heavenly Father, you are mighty, holy and true." He is pleased when we come before Him with a grateful heart. "Thank you for what You have created."

Prayer allows us to present our requests. “Lord, fill my heart with peace, and help me find rest in you". It allows us to ask for forgiveness…"Forgive my sin. Help me surrender what causes me to doubt Your faithful presence in my life. “ 

Prayer addresses our needs and the needs of others…"Lord, watch over me and strengthen me with the power of love. Guide me, as I find purpose in your will. Be with those who need to be reminded You are present and fill them with the power of Your love.” 

As we spend time with God, He helps us feel the blessing of His presence. In the heartbeat of our love; He hears our words, even before they’re spoken. He recognizes the longing of our souls and reminds us He is near. He is HERE! 

If we commune with Him, God will respond with guidance, assurance, strength, and hope for what’s to come. He will fill us with the presence of His peace and answer our prayers. How will you prepare your heart to receive what God wants to provide? Just pray! Ask God! He will listen and He will always respond in the timing of His will. 

Dear God, Thank you for waking us to all You provide. Fill us with peace and help us find strength in You. Forgive us when we sin and forget who’s in charge of ALL things. Watch over us and fill us with the power of Your greatness. We will put out trust in You and find hope in the gift of Your amazing grace. And, we will remember why we must humble our hearts and always pray...Amen


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