“Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the LORD.” – Psalm 31:24

It's fun to listen to the sound of the waves. Flowing water pulls us to the sand and we become aware of God‘s awesome power, as we witness the strength of His creation where we stand. Spending time on the beach is fun. Sometimes, we build sandcastles and create elaborate designs of our own.

Sand castles are built with labors of love. But, if they’re constructed too close to the water, the waves damage and destroy them. Waves are a powerful force! They have the strength to push us where we stand and move us toward sinking sand. They can knock us down and require us to work hard to stand again on our own. 

God has a plan to build our lives. He helps us create towers of strength that withstand the tides of time. But, sometimes we choose to build on our own. We forget He knows what’s best for our lives. And, when we find ourselves sinking, we neglect to seek the One who knows how to move us back where we belong. 

Jesus will show us how to build a firm foundation. He will lead us to solid ground. And when the tides of tribulation surround us, He will lift us to the safety of the shore. He will help us handle the waves of worry that knock us down. And, He will help us build castles of strength, if we totally trust and allow Him to show us how…

Dear God, Thank you for your awesome power! Thank you for the love of Your faithfulness. When waves of worry reach us, we will firmly stand where hope prevails. We will trust You all the days of our lives and build our love for Jesus. We will listen to the tugging of our hearts and believe in Your power to save. And, we will find courage to persevere, as You faithfully give us strength where we stand. Amen


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