“Blessed are those who haven’t seen me and believe anyway.” John 20:29

Christ provides reassurance that the Father will reveal himself and dwell in our hearts forever. It’s comforting to know we are loved by the One who allows faith to grow. God nurtures our souls and plants fruitful seeds of trust. He cultivates a gift of grace, and provides the way to bloom where we're planted.

God makes us aware of His presence in our lives. As we learn to trust in the guiding of His will, He leads us toward a place of peace. He holds us in His arms of hope, as we experience the power of His mighty strength. And, He cradles us in care as we remain faithful.

God will remind us who is handling the circumstances of our days. And when He has filled us with calm, He will place HOPE where it belongs. He will remind us He is closer than we think. We must never doubt God is with us. He WILL take care of His children.

Dear God, You are mighty and holy! Forgive us when we forget strength comes from You. We will faithfully love You with all of our hearts and gratefully acknowledge Your presence. And, we will patiently wait to be guided, while You provide for our days and allow the seeds of faith to grow. Amen


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