God does not take back his gifts. He does not change his mind about those he has chosen. Romans 11:29 NIRV

God blesses our faithfulness. He prepares us to do great things! He molds us by His guiding of love and guards our hearts, as we're readied to be used by Him. He reminds us why blessings will come, when we understand we have been created for His purpose. 

We must never underestimate God’s plan to use us. He will pull us from the empty spaces of our lives and show us amazing things, when we respond to His call. He will grow us in the goodness of grace and allow our faith to flourish...

We may question our ability and wonder if we’re good enough to complete the task. But, if we step in faith and respond to His will, God will renew us with a passion of purpose and remove the worry and doubt. He will place gladness in our hearts, as we learn to use the gifts He provides.

God will strengthen our desire to serve Him. He will help us discover abundant JOY. He will show us things we’ve never seen before, as we work for Him.

He will reveal His plans for our days. God will change our lives, if we TRUST in the power of His love. And, even in moments of uncertainty, He will grow us. He will provide ALL the days of our lives. He is God! He is good! He will help us embrace a GRATEFUL heart.

Dear God, Thank you for showing us how to be used by You. Help us see ourselves as You see us; worthy and capable of doing great things. We will love You with all of our hearts and share Your gifts with gladness. We will trust in You to forever guide us by the strength of Your everlasting love. Amen


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