I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4: 13

Sometimes, we feel defeated as we move ahead in our lives. We neglect to open our hearts and welcome the Savior. Jesus helps those who feel weary. He shows us how to recognize the healing power of strength. 

Burdens lay on our shoulders and weigh us down, It’s hard to step ahead when worry finds a place to rest. But, Jesus knows our hearts. When we learn to trust in Him, He helps us remember why we will never walk alone. He leads us to the Father and gives us reason to keep on going....

Christ will help us. We must surrender our fear and believe in His power to save. He will move us where we will feel the love of God and He will remind us to faithfully believe.
God will help us find HOPE, when we're willing to trust in Him. Our attitudes will move from hopeless to hopeful, when we begin to understand we can do ALL THINGS through Christ who gives us strength. 

Dear God, Thank you for moments to reflect on the power of Your love and find strength in the promise of Your greatness. We will open our eyes to Your will and seek Your presence in our lives. We will trust You to move us along. And, we will gratefully welcome the HOPE we need to faithfully persevere. Amen


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