Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. John 14: 27

God guides our thoughts and readies us to handle the happenings of our days. And, when we allow ourselves to be led by the Savior, He recognizes the heart of our need. He places HOPE where peace is found and allows us to witness the power of His greatness. He shows how to gratefully welcome PEACE. 

Loving Jesus doesn't keep trouble out of our lives. He told us there will be trials and tribulations in the world. (John 16:33) We will ALL experience sadness and despair. There will be moments to weep and moments to mourn. But, in our pain, Jesus WILL reach us. He will lift us to His arms of strength and show how it feels to be cradled in care. 

When Jesus extends His arms of love, we must be ready to hold on tight. He will hold us in His arms of love and prepare us to trust in the guiding of God’s will. Jesus conquered death and overcame the world! He died in suffering and experienced anguish and pain. Surely, He understands our own. We will find strength in Him, when we recognize what He has done and humble our hearts for prayers of praise. 

God is worthy of our praise. In the ups and downs and in between, He is constant and He is HERE. If we prayerfully examine our hearts and surrender to Him, He will strengthen us. We will never be without the power of His presence, if we trust in Him and choose to remain faithful… 

Dear God, Thank you for Your presence in our lives! Forgive us when we neglect to humble our hearts and appreciate the power of Your love. Thank you for Jesus! Bring hope to our hearts when we must deal with pain. Remind us we are held in Your holiness. We will gratefully welcome perfect PEACE in Jesus and honor You with the offering of our love. Amen


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