The LORD is good to those whose hope is in him, to the one who seeks him. Lamentations 3: 25 NIV

While we wait, God prepares us for a season of blessing. He knows what will happen next in our lives. He has plans to give us HOPE for the future...

Sometimes, the wait is difficult and the journey is very long. We live through the ups and downs and forget He IS with us, even when love and faithfulness are hidden in layers of wonder and doubt.

God loves us! In the struggle of life, He teaches valuable lessons to help us persevere. He nurtures a heart of our HOPE, as the fruit of the Spirit changes our lives and allows us to witness His amazing grace. He provides and shows us what we need to be beautifully blessed.

God grows us! He plants the seeds of patience and humbles us while we wait for peace to come. He uses experiences in our lives to help us recognize His power of strength. And, in the timing of His will, He allows faith to flourish. He shows how it feels to embrace a GRATEFUL heart.

There will be many seasons in our lives. God will guide where He wants us to go...If we prayerfully seek Him with all or our hearts and trust in Him, will, we will receive what He provides. He will show us the reward of our THANKFULNESS. And, by the power of His plan, He WILL reveal His blessings for our days.

Dear God, Thank you for the timing of Your will. YOU provide for our lives and teach us how to TRUST. We will put our HOPE in You and never doubt Your ability to help us welcome a grateful heart. Thank you for blessings that come from You


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