You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you. Isaiah 26: 3 NIV

Life moves quickly! As Christmas approaches, we often feel rushed, overwhelmed and stressed by what hasn’t been done. We forget where to find perfect peace and need to be reminded God IS present in our lives. 

God prepares us for Christmas. He readies us to welcome the Savior. He humbles the heart of our need. He helps us find calm and recognize why we need Jesus. He opens our eyes, so we will seek the Savior and prepares us to worship our King. 

God sent His Son to bring hope for the future. As we consider His gift to the world, we begin to understand why we need His peace. It won't be found in hectic moments of our lives, unless we're ready to receive it. And it will never provide what we need, until we open our hearts and welcome God's offering of calm. 

Jesus longs for us to be filled with perfect PEACE. He invites us to trust in Him and leave the darkness behind. He shines His light of love where we will discover God's plan for our days. He shows how it feels to be grateful. 

We must take time to reflect on this season of love. God will fill us with strength as we find content in the Savior. Christmas is so much more than one day to celebrate. It is a glorious opportunity to gratefully make room for Jesus and humbly accept the greatest gift we will ever receive.
Dear God, Thank you for moments to embrace a grateful heart of praise! Remind us how to be still, so we will focus on Jesus and understand how much we are loved. Help us discover the power of Your amazing grace and open our eyes so we will see the present of Your presence in our lives. Amen


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