But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded. 2 Chronicles 15:7

God provides for our needs. He chooses gifts of purpose and prepares us to be used by Him. He inspires us to honor Him with all of our hearts. And, He provides the tools we need to do amazing things. 

It takes time for Christ to guide us. There are important lessons to learn while we wait. We will become impatient as we learn to be used for God's glory. We will wonder about gifts we receive and question our ability to use them. But God WILL skillfully fill us with His Spirit and help us recognize we have been blessed. 

God will create desire in us to work with a servant’s heart. When He has filled us with a passion of purpose, He will lead us on a journey of faith and prepare us to TRUST. He will provide a path and help us discover when we’re ready to follow. 

We must learn to TRUST in God‘s leading, be willing to surrender, and allow ourselves to be led. He WILL complete His good work in us and patiently wait while we’re prepared to return His offering of love. 

“When the heart is pure and the intent is good”, God WILL reach us. He WILL open our lives to His will. He WILL fill us with awesome gifts of greatness and prepare us to welcome His peace. He WILL help us understand how to serve Him and He WILL allow us to experience how it feels to embrace a grateful heart.
Dear God, Thank you for loving us enough to know what we need. Prepare us to receive what You provide and give us strength to keep on going... We know You have plans for our days. Help us see ourselves as You see us; capable and able to do great things. We will patiently wait to be guided by Your will and find reason to serve You with a grateful heart. Amen


  1. Good morning, family and friends. I'm working on a new format here... Please bear with me as I navigate possibilities and find time to create. ♥ I hope you continue to return each day and find encouragement in the messages God provides. Be blessed in opportunity to love Him more as you serve Him with ALL of our hearts. Have a day that makes YOU smile. I pray you will be blessed to recognize the amazing power of God's mighty love.


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