“God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways; He does great things beyond our understanding.” Job 37:5 NIV

God shows how to recognize His power of strength. In moments to demonstrate the love of His faithfulness, He helps us examine our own. He provides opportunities to feel the depth of His holiness and never forget He is the Maker of EVERY living thing.

As we open our eyes and see what God lays before us, He helps us recognize why we are blessed. In times of wonder, He speaks to our hearts and reminds us to TRUST in His guiding of our days. 

God has amazing power! Our awesome Father prepares us for His greatness. His voice thunders in marvelous ways. If we take time to listen, He will make sure we feel His tugging of our hearts. He will help us gratefully learn how to faithfully respond. 

Dear God, Thank you for guiding our lives. Help us learn to be still, so we will hear Your voice of truth and understand the awesome power of Your presence. You are mighty, holy and true. We may not fully understand how You will guide us, but we will trust in You. We will welcome Your strength, as we wait to be blessed by the gifts of Your amazing grace. Amen


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