And when you stand praying, FORGIVE anyone you have anything against. Then your Father in heaven will forgive your sins. Mark 11: 25-26 NIRV

It’s hard to FORGIVE, when feelings are hurt. It’s easy to carry a grudge and forget how it feels to let go of the past. But, God reminds us why we must love one another. He helps us remember what Jesus did, when He took our pain and blessed us by forgiveness.

Jesus died and rose again! Through his death, burial and resurrection, He demonstrated why we must humble our hearts and FORGIVE. In painful moments of suffering, He sacrificed His life to the will of the Father and paid the penalty of sin. He taught how to TRUST in God. He longs for us to remember why we ALL need forgiveness.

Jesus knows our hearts. He invites us to have a living relationship with Him. He prepares us to be led to the Father. He opens our hearts to see the heart of others and nurtures the love of our faith. He helps us remember; we are to LOVE one another. And, He reminds us why we are loved.

If we release bitterness, God will offer us content. He will make room for peace to dwell. But, we must be willing to examine our lives and allow Christ to renew us. He will help us learn to FORGIVE and break the chains that bind. He is holy and true. He will hear the prayers of our hearts. He will strengthen us by the power of His everlasting love. And if we choose to FORGIVE others, God will surely FORGIVE US.

Dear God, Thank you for Jesus! We honor the One who died in our place. Fill us with desire to remember the cross and consider what it means to be loved by You. Help us find strength in the power of Your love. Humble our hearts to appreciate healing that comes from forgiveness. Fill us with desire to love you more; as we welcome peace that passes all understanding and love one another. Amen


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