Be humble in front of the Lord and He will lift you up. James 4:10 NIRV

God wants us to experience the gift of a grateful heart. He provides everything we need. But sometimes we become selfish in our want for more...We focus on what the world wants to offer and forget God is the Giver of good in our lives.

He knows the plans He has for our days. God provides everything we need. He readies us to find HOPE in His power of love and humbles our hearts for Jesus. As we learn to totally trust, He lifts us where we see glimpses of what's ahead and allows us to experience the love of His faithfulness. 

Peace comes with obedience and humility. Jesus demonstrated humility when He died on the cross. When we take time to consider what He did for each one of us, we recognize how to humble our hearts and remain faithful. 

Proverbs 3:34 says, “God opposes those who are proud. But He gives grace to those who are humble.” Oh how we need God’s mercy and grace. We need to open our eyes, examine our lives and make room for Christ to dwell. We need to experience how it feels to be humbled.

God will help us find peace in what He provides. He will give us everything we need. He is God and He loves us! He will reward those who seek Him with a grateful heart. And, He will help us recognize how it feels to be faithfully full. 

Dear God, Thank you for Jesus! We are humbled to consider the sacrifice of His awesome love. Draw us closer to the gift of Your faithfulness and forgive us when we forget we are blessed by You. Fill us with gratitude for ALL You have done and help us find HOPE for what's to come. As we're lifted in the prayers of our praise, help us remember YOU are the Provider of everything we need. We will love you with all of our hearts and find peace in the power of Your presence. And, we will experience Your joy, when we have learned to embrace a grateful heart of thanks. Amen


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