This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

God knows how to prepare us to listen. He allows us to recognize the power of His presence in our lives. In gentle moments of truth, He guides and provides. He prepares us to do great things, even before He readies us to rise. 

God longs for us to feel the power of love. He opens our eyes to welcome the Savior and pours peace in the heart of our need. He allows us to witness the depth of His holiness and learn how to find His strength. And, when we have been humbled by thoughts of praise, He helps us remember to be thankful. He wakes us to discover what will happen next and shows how to embrace a grateful heart. 

We must trust God! He doesn’t want us to figure out everything on our own. When the timing is right, He will reveal His will and reward the love of our faithfulness. He will provide purpose for our days. When we have been armed with everything we need, He will help us remember who WILL handle ALL things. He is God! He is holy! He loves us! He is Here! Isn’t that reason enough to be very grateful? 

Dear God, Thank you for moments to be led to a prayer of praise. Forgive us when we forget to be thankful! Open our eyes, so we will focus on You and remember who IS handling our days. Fill us with peace, before we’re readied to rise and allow us to remember we are lucky to be loved by You. We will choose to embrace the gifts of Your greatness and find strength in the presence of Your love. Thank you, God. Thank you! Amen


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