“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” Matthew 5:4

God knows our hearts. He wraps His Spirit of strength around those who weep. In moments to draw us closer than before, He reminds us why He knows our needs. He sees inside the wounds of sorrow and bandages sores of the soul. He helps us find courage from the love of others and allows us to discover His presence of strength. 

When hearts are breaking, it’s difficult to understand why we have to endure suffering. But, Jesus told us there would be trials and tribulations in our lives. (John 16:33) We will experience sadness as we weep and mourn. But in our pain, Jesus will reach us. He will lift us with His arms of strength and help us while we're held. His love will cradle us in care. And, He will demonstrate the depth of His holiness. 

God will reach out and touch us. And, when we’re ready to hold on tight, He will show how to trust in the timing of His will. He will provide peace that passes all understanding. We will find reason to remember He's our source of strength, even in the prayers of our broken hallelujahs. He will continue to remind us how much we are loved. 

God is with us. May peace, comfort, strength and the promise of His presence give us comfort in difficult days ahead. May God bless those who mourn. He has called our loved ones to receive their eternal reward. May we find peace in knowing they will weep no more. God has led them to a place of wholeness. They will find rest in the dwelling of His peace forever...

Dear God, In brokenness, we turn to YOU for strength and comfort. Fill us with the presence of Your peace and allow us to feel the mighty love of Your faithfulness, even in the sorrow of our lives. We will cling to Your promise and remember You are with us. And, we will find peace in trusting in YOU. Amen

- I will not be posting this week. Please return on Monday, May 14 to read the next message. Thanking God for the love of His faithfulness and wishing you a beautiful day ahead. God bless you. ~Nan


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