Before anything was created, He was already there. He holds everything together. Colossians 1: 17 NIRV

I have been watching a mother goose sit on her egg. There’s a nest on the ground under a window I pass each day. A patient mother waits for her gosling to arrive. She sits in the strength of love and protects God’s precious gift of life. 

She holds a feather in her mouth and I've wondered why. One day, I had the opportunity to see inside her nest. It held many, many feathers. I watched as they were carried and moved by the wind. And, as they drifted away she replaced each one with downy feathers of her own. 

God created mothers with strength to endure. I see how she responds on stormy days, when rain pours on her battered body. I notice how she remains grounded in the wind. I stand in awe, as I consider how God allows us to love. And, I recognize how skillfully He holds us together. 

There is strength in the nurturing of love. And, in moments to feel His presence of greatness, I am reminded God loves us! He shelters us from storms and holds us by the power of His strength. He sees the needs of His children and cradles us in care. He guides, provides and protects. And, He allows us to witness the presence of His amazing strength in our lives. 

God prepares us to love like Christ; to be patient and faithful in the timing of His will. He readies us to learn how to nurture those we love, as He reveals the gifts of His creation. Aren’t we lucky to have a Father who knows what we need? We must be still and take time to notice what God is speaking to our hearts. He is working in our lives. He will hold us together and He will always, ALWAYS take care of those He loves. 

Dear God, Thank you for treasured moments to be still and consider the depth of Your amazing love. You are mighty, holy and true. Thank you for Your everlasting love. Show us how to love like Christ and find strength in YOU. Help us not forget who has a plan for our days. We will love You with all of our hearts and gratefully remember; Your love will help us bear ALL things. Amen


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