Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans. Proverbs 16: 3 NIV

When we trust in God and allow Him to guide us, He prepares us to gain wisdom as we prayerfully seek Him with all of our hearts. He opens our eyes in the timing of His will and allows us to see past the worry of our wonder. As we pray for guidance, He helps us remember who’s in charge of ALL things and He teaches how to faithfully trust.

The Bible says, “Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life.” Psalm 143:8 NIV
God knows the plans He has for our days. He readies us to rise in the strength of His greatness and opens our eyes to clearly see what’s been planned for our days. He gives us the ability to step ahead, even when we don’t know where the path will lead.

God helps us grow. And, when He’s ready to move us ahead, He helps us gain wisdom as He guides and provides. He manages our lives and prepares us to find joy in the journey. When we surrender to Him in prayerful need, He helps us find peace in the power of His plan. He answers our questions in the timing of His will and shows how to step in faith.

“If God leads us to it, He will lead us through it.” He has already planned our days. He will give clarity in our confusion and help us choose the path which has already been chosen for our lives. As we strive to serve Him with all of our hearts, He will make His presence known. He will guide and provide all of our days and bless the heart of our faithfulness. He will show us how He is working for the good.

Faith will carry us when we need to be reminded we don’t have to try to figure out everything on our own. God will help us! We must be patient and prayerfully ask for His will to be done. He is God! He is loving and true. He WILL take care of each one of us. He is our faithful Father. He really does know what’s best for our lives.

Dear God, Thank you for allowing us to put our trust in You. Help us find clarity when we’re confused about which way to go. As we prayerfully seek You, help us remain faithful, so we will remember who knows what’s best for our lives. We will surrender our worry, as You open doors of opportunity and ready us for what’s to come. Help us see ourselves as You see us; capable and able to do great things. We will find strength in Your everlasting love and never forget how lucky we are to be loved by YOU. Amen .


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