But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ To Him be the glory, both now and to the day of eternity. Amen. 2 Peter 3: 18 

God lovingly tends the garden of life and prepares us to bloom. He chooses where we are planted and promises to provide what we need to flourish in His will. 

Summer heat is here! Flowers droop in the blazing sun and need to be watered more frequently. The effects of dry, hot weather are noticed in the garden of our lives. Leaves sag toward their stems and soil becomes dusty and dry. Plants work hard to survive and wait to be watered, so they will grow in the good God provides. 

It’s interesting to see what happens when water's poured on hardened soil. It pools on the ground and slowly seeps in the earth. In a matter of time, plants regain their strength. They reach toward the sky with a better sense of purpose and once again come to life, when they've received what sustains them.  

God is the Maker of every living thing! He nurtures our souls, as we thirst for life and drink from His living water. Slowly, He pours  love in spaces where our hearts have been hardened. He waters us with what we need and prepares us to faithfully grow. 

God patiently waits for us to display His gifts to the earth. He plants seeds of hope and shows how to cultivate peaceful praise. He allows us to rise from the layers of His love and learn to be patient. He provides everything we need to ready ourselves to bloom. 

God WILL grow us! He will show what’s hidden in dusty layers of doubt and remind us we are stronger than we think. He will help us get ready to rise. Our Master Planter will nurture us and allow us to flourish in fruitful faith. He will guide us ALL the days of our lives. 

Aren’t we lucky to have a Father who knows exactly what we need? We must trust Him and open our hearts for everything He provides. He is God! He WILL grow us. We mustn’t worry about WHEN we'll bloom. He already knows! When the timing is right, God will open our hearts in perfect praise. He will reveal His will and help us gratefully bloom where we've been planted. We must remain strong and believe in His promise to grow us. 

Dear God, Thank you for the love of Your faithfulness. Weather will change in our lives, but You will not! Thank you for nurturing us with everything we need to grow in Your greatness. Help us patiently wait to bloom where we have been planted. Open our hearts to the guiding of Your will. Help us be patient while we wait to be grown by You. Soften the hardened layers of our hearts and renew us with HOPE, so we will learn to cultivate a peaceful heart of praise. Amen


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