The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Exodus 14: 14 NIV

Jesus knows our every need. In gentle moments to inspire the love of our faithfulness, He tugs at our hearts and helps us remember we are not alone. He allows us to feel the depth of His love, when we humble our hearts for Him. 

When we truly take time to listen, He readies us to welcome perfect peace.  He opens our eyes to discover WHY we need Him. He sets the stage for what’s to come and helps us persevere. He reminds us we have a Father who is working for the GOOD.    

Sometimes, we cannot feel His guiding, because of the clutter we create. We become distracted in hectic routines and forget how to honor our Father. We focus too much on the chaos, instead of seeking peace. We forget how it feels to welcome calm. 

Jesus wants to cradle us in care and help us learn where to find strength. If we choose to be still, open our hearts to His presence and patiently wait, God will allow us to recognize He IS with us. He will bless us with the comfort of content. He will show us how to remain faithful. And, He will remind us to be STILL, so we will discover how it feels to honor Him with a GRATEFUL heart. 
Dear God, Thank you for waking us to another day! Forgive us when we become distracted by the hectic pace of life. Open the eyes of our hearts, so we will focus on YOU and take time to feel the power of Your greatness. Thank you for Jesus! As we allow ourselves to be cradled in His care, we will remember to patiently wait, while you set the stage for what’s to come. We will find HOPE in His arms of strength, when we have discovered how it feels to embrace a grateful heart. Thank you, Lord. Thank you! Amen


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