He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds. Psalm 147: 3 NLT

God knows our every thought. He knows what we need to receive the power of His love. When we have distanced ourselves from a place of grateful praise, He patiently waits to help us once again welcome a heart of joy.

When hearts are broken, God sees wounds that need to be healed. He finds the way to bandage what’s broken and humble our hearts for Him. He blesses us with HOPE that’s grown by gifts of greatness and helps us find calm in His peace. He leads us toward wholeness. And, while we are held by amazing grace, He brings us nearer to Him.
As we begin to realize it’s okay to feel the depth of brokenness, God restores what needs to be renewed. He opens our eyes in truth and allows us to FEEL the power  of love. He changes lives and leads us back where we belong. He finds the way to help us discover mercy and strength. And when the time is right, He shows us the reward of faithful TRUST.  

God has the power to help us feel the love of Jesus. In the midst of brokenness, He shows what peace provides. He holds us in the most loving place we will ever be held. And, He humbles our hearts for Him. He reminds us there are plans for our days and prepares us to be blessed. 

God does NOT want us to feel hopeless!  He pulls us from ditches of doubt and lifts us where we see glimpses of what is GOOD. He helps us learn to overcome! He skillfully picks up pieces of our hearts and pieces them back together. He sets the stage for peace to prevail.

If we faithfully trust in Him, God will help us find courage to break the chains that bind. He will help us release what needs to be gone, so we can welcome the light of Christ. It won't always be easy to leave the dark behind, but God will help us! He will change our lives! He will guide and provide ALL of our days. And He will heal us when we have discovered how it feels to embrace a grateful heart.

Dear God, Thank you for the POWER of Your love. Thank you for drawing us nearer and lifting us with Your arms of strength. While we are held in holiness, help us examine our hearts and clearly see the presence of Your amazing grace. We will trust in You and remember You have a plan for our days. Forgive us when fear becomes bigger than YOU. Show us how to remain faithful and lead us to a prayer of praise. Bandage our hearts and lead us to a place of wholeness. Please allow us to feel the JOY of everything You provide. Thank you, Lord. Thank you! Amen


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