Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Hebrew 11:1

Sometimes, we question what will happen next in our lives and wonder how God will choose to guide us. We have difficulty seeing what’s ahead and need to be reminded to be faithful. 

Jesus met a man on His way to Jerusalem. Bartimaeus sat on the side of the road calling for the Savior. He was blind and couldn't see. But, his voice was powerful! In the midst of a noisy crowd, he did not allow “be quiet” to silence him. He yelled for mercy and grace. 

Jesus revealed the love of His faithfulness and performed many miracles. Bartimaeus received his sight. He was able to see! He was healed because he BELIEVED. In grateful offerings of praise, he chose to follow Jesus. And, those who witnessed the miracle unfold praised our mighty Father. 

God uses circumstances in our lives to demonstrate the power of His will. When we’re blinded by the lack of faith, He opens our eyes to TRUST. He leads us through good and bad. He helps us remember who will carry us through difficult moments in our lives. 

When the future is unclear, we must seek the One who strengthens the heart of our love. We mustn't listen to those who try to silence our HOPE. God will help us remain faithful. He will show us how to be readied to keep on going...And, even when we can’t clearly see, He will lead us to a place of peace. In the certainty of His presence, we will begin to understand why we must put our FAITH in Him.

Dear God, Thank you for Jesus. We recognize the power of Your will, as we consider the miracles He performed. We will learn to TRUST, as You demonstrate the love of Your faithfulness. And we will be reminded who is with us EVERY single moment of our lives. Amen


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