The LORD is good to those whose hope is in him, to the one who seeks him. Lamentations 3: 25 NIV

While we wait, God prepares us for a season of blessing. He knows the plans He has for our days. He provides HOPE for the future. Sometimes, the wait is difficult and the journey is long. We live through ups and downs and forget to remember God IS with us, even when love and faithfulness are hidden in layers of doubt. 

God loves us! In the struggles of life, He teaches valuable lessons to help us persevere. He nurtures a heart of TRUST, as the fruit of the Spirit changes our lives and allows us to witness the gift of amazing grace. He offers what we need to be beautifully blessed. 

God grows us as we learn to be patient. He readies us to be humbled and allows peace to dwell. He uses moments in our lives to demonstrate the depth of His holiness, so we will feel the power of His strength. In the timing of His will, He allows faith to flourish. He helps us embrace a GRATEFUL heart. 

There will be many seasons in our lives, but we will never be without the guiding of the Lord. If we prayerfully seek Him with all of our hearts and trust Him in ALL things, He WILL provide. He will remove anxious thoughts and lead us to a prayer of praise. By the power of His plan, He WILL reveal His blessings in our lives. We will find needed strength, if we put our HOPE in Him. 

Dear God, Thank you! We praise You for mercy and grace. Open our eyes, so we will see what You provide in the timing of Your will. Help us remember; waiting is NOT a waste of time. We will put our trust in YOU and embrace a grateful heart, as you teach us important lessons and grow us in the presence of Your peace. Thank you for helping us faithfully persevere. Amen


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