"Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you." Matthew 7:7

FAITH is the key that opens the lock, when we knock on the door of mercy. God readies us for His will and humbles our hearts for Him. He reminds us to always TRUST, as requests are made in the name of Jesus. 

God hears our words. And, when they can't be articulated, the Holy Spirit speaks in our behalf. Prayer allows us to connect with the Savior. Christ shows how to seek God with all of our hearts, as we pray for guidance and HOPE. 

When we're filled with doubt and wonder, we should seek the Savior and ASK GOD what we need. If we ask for things He's ready to give, He will bless us with peaceful calm. He will cover us with love and help us get ready to rise. He will show us amazing GRACE. 

As we stand behind doors of opportunity, God will provide glimpses of what's to come. He will prepare us to discover what waits on the other side. He will give us STRENGTH to step ahead and reveal His will when the timing is right. 

Prayer will provide quiet moments to be drawn close to God. He knows the desires of our hearts. He will bless us and show how to embrace a grateful heart. We must take time to be held in His arms of STRENGTH, so we will remain faithful and never forget how it feels to lovingly TRUST. 

Dear God, Thank you for Your presence in our lives. Forgive us when we forget to ask for guidance. Humble us, as we prayerfully receive the blessing of Your MERCY and GRACE. We will love You with all of our hearts and find HOPE in the power of Your will. And we will faithfully make our requests known to YOU. Thank you, Lord. Thank you! You know what we need! YOU are the PROVIDER of ALL things. Amen


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