”Do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.”’ Nehemiah 8:10

God arms us with everything we need to find STRENGTH in Jesus. Sometimes we wake in worry and forget how to welcome needed peace. Doubt fills our hearts and we question what will happen next… 

In the seasons of life, God patiently waits for us to recognize why we NEED Him. He opens our hearts and helps us be courageous. He provides STRENGTH in the power of His will and reminds us who is working for the good. 

While we are held in the safety of STRENGTH, Christ helps us keep on going...He nurtures our faith so we will learn how it feels to TRUST. He changes our hearts and helps us examine our lives. He renews us! He shows how to welcome perfect peace and understand how it feels to be grateful. 

There is power in the presence of God! When we’re wounded by what we feel, He knows how to heal! If we surrender worry, seek Him with all of our hearts and believe in His power to save, He will restore us with STRENGTH. 

Nothing will happen that God cannot handle. He will help us manage our days and allow us to recognize we are not alone. He will remind us to totally TRUST, as He steers us in the right direction. Then, we will find STRENGTH to rise, when we have embraced the gift of a grateful heart. 

Dear God, Thank you for moments to be held in HOPE. Forgive us when we become worried by doubt. We will TRUST You all the days of our lives. And we will patiently wait for STRENGTH to restore us by the power of Your love. Thank you for showing us how it feels to be grateful. We know You have a plan for our days. Thank you, Lord! Thank you! Amen


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