When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy. Psalm 94: 19 NIV

God readies us to step ahead, but often we’re not ready to GO. We worry about what will happen next and need to be reminded to TRUST. When FAITH becomes bigger than our fear of letting go, God allows us to recognize our strength. He arms us with everything we need to step ahead and experience the power of His greatness. 

Doubt will hold us back from discovering perfect PEACE. It will diminish our confidence and never allow us to move ahead. But if we surrender the burden of fear, God will show how to welcome JOY. He will console us with His love and place HOPE in our hearts. 

If we focus on the LOVE of His faithfulness instead of dwelling on what’s to come, God will help us remember He will handle ALL things. He will change our lives and provide everything we need to be renewed by His love! 

We mustn’t let our hearts be troubled! God will help us stay on course. He will guide and provide for our days. He will show us where to travel when we wonder where to go. The journey will be so much easier, if we choose to welcome JOY. God will place HOPE in our hearts, if we remain faithful and stay on the path that leads to perfect peace. 

Dear God, Thank you for leading our lives. Thoughts become clearer when we TRUST in You and open our hearts for Your guiding. Fill us with STRENGTH and give us courage to release ALL fear. Help us remain on the path You provide. We will embrace perfect PEACE, when we put our HOPE in You. Fill us with Your abundant JOY every single day. Thank you, Lord. Thank you! Amen


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