So now, since we have been made right in God’s sight by faith in His promises, we can have real peace with Him because of what Jesus Christ our Lord has done for us. Romans 5:1 TLB

God provides moments for us to be blessed by His greatness. He opens our eyes to the gift of His grace. And, when we take time to seek Him, He helps us realize why we need the love of our Savior. 

When we allow ourselves to be led by Christ, He provides PEACE to welcome calm. He shows us how to find it. He reminds us why it’s okay to admit that we’re weak. And, He helps us learn how it feels to be faithful. 

Humbling our hearts will open the door for Jesus to reach us. He will help us examine our lives and remove what is holding us back from experiencing the power of His love. 

In the ups and downs and in between, we must remember; Christ IS with us! If we prayerfully surrender to Him, He will renew us. He will change our way of thinking and remind us not to doubt. We will never be without the strength of His presence, if we choose to trust, remain faithful and remember how very much we are loved. 

God, Thank you for the power of Your love. Forgive us when we forget who provides for our days. Humble our hearts to recognize why we need the Savior. Guide us by Your will, as we make room for Jesus. We will faithfully find hope, as we embrace the blessing of a grateful heart and remember how very much we are loved. Amen


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